Through the Next Robe Generation scheme, I was given the opportunity to be involved in a brand new immersive installation "Blackout". I was crew and front of house. Please find a description of the installation below:

"Blackout is a groundbreaking multi-media installation that gives a unique insight into the Bi-Polar mind. The part art installation, part immersive theatre and part educational initiative, Blackout was created to address the fundamental gap in understanding between those with mental health challenges and those without.

The installation provides a single viewer with a totally immersive 6-minute multi-sensory journey through a Bi-Polar cycle of mania and depression. It fuses art, technology, science and research in an attempt to change perceptions of mental illness and dissolve some of the unhelpful labels attached to it. It also hopes to provoke discussion and offer support to those who continue to suffer in silence.

Please note that if you come to see “Blackout” we would very much like to invite you to participate in the industry-specific research evaluation that we are running alongside the installation. The hope is to obtain more valuable insight into mental health issues within our entertainment technology sector, so we can make more informed decisions in dealing with mental health issues in our working lives."